Interested in saving money at our market booths? Want a CSA but want to pick out your own veggies, flowers, and plant starts? We are now offering FRY FUNDS!  Fry Funds function a lot like the CSA program for us; they provide much needed early capital to get the season going and ensure all of our food security! For you, they are a great way to save money and eat healthy at the same time! The Fry Funds  will be offered in 3 levels:

You pay $90……get $100 funds! (save 10%)

You pay $220….get $250 funds! (save 12%)

You pay $435…get $500 funds! (save 13%)

*If paying by April 1st…*You pay $425….get $500 funds! (save 15%)BEST VALUE!

That’s $75 of FREE STUFF!!!

Fry Funds can be used for anything we sell! They’re fun!

They will come in $50.00 cards to be used at our booth and marked off as you shop!

The other cool part of these, is that you don’t have to wait until June like a CSA; you can start using them in March when markets open, and they are good all year!