Lets make sure this works for you.  We have tried to be more flexible with options and sizes, and hope you can pick the box that works best for you. Here’s a little run-down: The partial share typically provides a good amount of vegetables for 2 people. The full share typically provides enough for 3-4 people. If you eat way more or way less vegetables, then adjust accordingly. The half share is a partial sized box, every other week.

Please visit the STORE page to pick your options and join our CSA!

Payment Options

We ask that memberships be paid in full at time of sign up, and offer a $20.00 discount for members paid in full by April 1st ($10.00 discount for Half shares). We also understand that may not be possible for everyone and offer several payment options:

  • Two installments. One half with sign up and a postdated check for July 1st which will be held and cashed on that date.
  • Three installments. Two Post dated checks at sign up, July 1st, & August 1st, to be held and cashed on those dates.
  • If other payment options are needed please contact us, we would be more than happy to work out a payment system that works for both of us.


Harvest Box Options

Share OptionsPick up or DeliveryCost
Half Share (12 Weeks)Pick up $276.00
Half Share (12 Weeks)Delivered312.00
Partial Share 20 WeeksPick up460.00
Partial Share 20 WeeksDelivered520.00
Partial Share 24 WeeksPick up552.00
Partial Share 24 WeeksDelivered624.00
Full Share 20 weeksPick up640.00
Full Share 20 weeksDelivered700.00
Full Share 24 weeksPick up768.00
Full Share 24 weeksDelivered822.00

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