Bringing the Southwest to the Northwest

Fry Family Farm,  Medford Fabrication,  and our very own Sue “the Jaff” Jaffe, teamed up to design and build a pepper roaster! We were thrilled to unroll this gem of a roaster this year, after several years dreaming, discussing and designing the perfect roasting MACHINE. Medford Fabrication (MedFab) did an AMAZING job fabricating it, so it runs smoothly, roasts to perfection, and is even on wheels for ease of transportation. We are so utterly ecstatic  being able to roast and sell so many peppers that in the past, a lot of folks weren’t sure what to do with. Red or green Anaheims, Poblanos, Jalapenos, and Sweet Snack Peppers all sold by the one pound bags, flew off the table as fast as we could roast, cool, bag and label them. Whether eaten fresh, frozen whole, or blended into salsas or pastes, roasted peppers are THE way to make anything taste better.


pepper family

pepper roaster laurie

We had a wonderful time this year, getting to know our roaster and seeing it so well received by the community. We will be roasting every summer, just as soon as the peppers are ready, typically late August and on through November. At our roasting booth (separate from our produce booth), we also sell dried beans that we grow, and dried ornamental pepper wreaths, swags, and ristras. We will continue to have our  southwestern-style booth every year, and may even be roasting other types of veggies as well. We are think-tanking all sorts of apparati attachments to allow for more roasted goodies. Stay tuned!

roasted anaheims

jaff ristras

Anasazi Bean

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