The Fry Family Farm


Steve and Suzi Fry began farming over 20 years ago on a couple acres on Wagner Creek in Talent, Oregon. At that time they had five young daughters. They wanted to raise their family in a healthy way and they also wanted to be good shepherds of the earth. Growing food organically was a way they could all be together and at the same time help the planet and their local community. Through the years the girls have all grown up working on the farm, which has gradually expanded to the 70 acres we have today.

The Fry Family farm currently operates from 3 locations throughout the rogue valley;

  • Talent-home base, greenhouse and nursery operations.
  • Phoenix-cut flower, strawberry, and winter squash fields.
  • Medford- The main farm, greenhouses, pack out, & solar barn.

Home Base: Talent

Tucked into the beautiful hills and valleys of Wagner Creek you will find the womb of the Fry Family Farm. Here is where we live and operate our certified organic nursery. Here is the epicenter of all things Fry.

We have 6 greenhouses here that house all of our bedding plants and it is from here that they are distributed throughout the valley via growers markets, retail outlets,  and Master Gardeners Fairs.

We also seed a lot of starts here for planting in our own fields.

Located in Talent also is our “flower shop”. Although we grow all of our cut flowers in our Phoenix and Medford fields, we do all the arranging and bouquet making in our shady, cool flower barn in talent. It is a small shack really, that functions as a respite from the heat of the summer fields, and from which all of our bouquets spring!


The Main Farm: Medford

Located on old Ross Lane in Medford on some of the oldest farming ground in the Rogue Valley, is our 50 acre+ certified organic farm.  We have our washing and pack out stations here, two large coolers, nine greenhouses, our own compost piles and a 25KW solar paneled barn. This is where we grow most of our produce, and some of our cut flowers.  This is the dirt that grows your food.

flower field

The Phoenix Fields: FLOWERS!

From the highway you’d never know that tucked in just behind the Rising Sun factory there are fields of beautiful, certified organic flowers, acres of strawberries, and winter squash for days. Alas, these are the fields that produce such wonderful treats! The flower girls and a small crew of strawberry pickers spend a good portion of their lives in these gorgeous fields; surrounded by beautiful blooms, happy bees, and panoramic views of the valley are just some of our sweet rewards!

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